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Mostar Sevdah Reunion is musical ensemble from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina playing almost exclusively sevdalinka and gypsy music. The band is composed of experienced musicians and often collaborates with renowned musicians in the field of gypsy music: they made an album with Šaban Bajramović and two albums with Ljiljana Buttler. Ljiljana often tours with the band too.

VIDEO Mostar Sevdah Reunion & Ljiljana Buttler, BBC


  • Ilijaz Delic - vocals
  • Mustafa Santic - accordion/clarinet
  • Nedjo Kovacevic - violin
  • Miso Petrovic - lead guitar/sargija
  • Sandi Durakovic - rhythm guitar
  • Kosta Latinovic - berde bass
  • Sead Avdic - percussion

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