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VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m3EHD-eMYc
Yaşar Kurt & Birol Topaloğlu - Heyamo

He He Heyamo,
yamo hemo heyamo, heyamoli heyamo
Dadis ugun noderi, dadis ugun noderi
Dopxaskat do vigzalat, dopxaskat do vigzalat
Mani mani dalepe, mani mani dalepe
So bzirat ham ndgalepe, so bzirat ham ndgalepe
Zeni ckunis noderi, zeni ckunis noderi
Tutaste iven seri, tutaste iven seri
Vibirt xacker xackeri, vibirt xacker xackeri
Hem seri hem ndgaleri, hem seri em ndgaleri
Andga kai taroni, andga kai taroni
Dadi soren termoni, dadi soren termoni
Ora mokilu ordo, ora mokiluordo
Opskomat komogi do, opskomat komogi do
He he Heyamo,
Your aunt is having a working party
Let’s dig and go
Quickly sisters quickly
When do we find such fine days?
The work party is on our flat lands
The moonlight fills the night
We sing as we dig
All day and all night
Today the weather is very fine
Where is Aunt Termoni?
The time passes so quickly
Let’s go and eat.


Laz work song from the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey.

Heyamo was collected and arranged by Birol Topaloğlu, translated by Brenna MacCrimmon. Birol is a Turkish Laz musician.


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