Hallë e Madhe

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Hajde halle madhe,
Hajde hin ne valle,
Moj halla e madhe.
Sille moj tepsine,
Lidhma moj shamine,
Mojk halla e madhe.
Sa te paska hije,
Si djeli kur bije,
Moj halla e madhe.
Hajde halla e vogel,
Hajde kce ne loder,
Moj halla e vogel.
Sa te paska hije,
Si djelli kur bije,
Moj halla e vogel.
Kceni mori halla,
Kceni mori bija,
Gna u mush katundi,
Gna u mush shtepija.


Come oldest aunt,
Come and join in,
In the dance.
Spin the Tepsi[1]
And tie it with a scarf.


  1. During the Turkish occupation it was not allowed to play instruments to accompany dancing. So people used to sing while spinning the Tepsi, a metal tray, to diffuse the sound of the singing.


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