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Polski Judeł gra na skrzypcach
עברית Yidl mit'n Fidl / אידל מיטן פֿידל‎
Français Les musiciens vagabonds / Yidl et son violon
English Yiddle with his fiddle

Yidl mit'n fidl est un film musical polonais de Joseph Green et Jan Nowina-Przybylski sorti en 1936.

Français Synopsis

Itke est une jeune violoniste qui voyage avec son père Arie. Pour leur simplifier la vie, elle se déguise en homme et change de prénom pour s'appeler Yidl. En rencontrant deux musiciens, ils forment un quartet et Yidl tombe amoureuse d'un des deux musiciens.

Yidl mit'n Fidl is a 1936 musical Yiddish film.

English Plot

Arye and his daughter Itke are musicians, or klezmorim, who became impoverished and were evicted from their home in Kazimierz Dolny. Arie sees no choice but to embark on a career of a travelling band, but fears for the safety of his daughter on the dangerous roads. Itke solves the problem by disguising herself as a boy and adopts the persona of "Yidl", ostensibly Arie's son.

During their voyages, they meet another pair of merrymakers, the father-and-son duo Isaac and Ephraim Kalamutker, with whom they form a quartet and roam through the Polish countryside seeking engagements. "Yidl" falls in love with Ephraim, who is utterly oblivious to the true sex of his companion. The four are hired to perform in the wedding of young Teibele to the old, rich man Zalman Gold. The bride had to cancel her prior engagement with her true love, Yosl Fedlman, for her late father left many unpaid debts. Yidl takes pity on Teibele and the quartet smuggle her out of the party and have her join them as vocalist. To Yidl's dismay, Ephraim is enamored with the young woman. Itke reveals her true self to Isaac, who determines to assist her and leaves to locate Yosl.

When arriving in Warsaw, the group become a success and are hired to perform in a concert. However, personal tensions between the members run high. Efraim signs a contract with a local orchestra. Teibele's lost match finally arrives, and they run off together before the show. Yidl, quite by accident, takes her place and recounts her entire story and love for Efraim in song form. She is applauded and signed on a contract for a career in the United States. Having learned the truth, Efraim abandons his commitments and joins her on the ship to New York.

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