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Le tsamikos (en grec τσάμικος, danse des Tsyamides, vivant au sud de l'Épire) est une danse traditionnelle grecque de mesure 3/4, principalement d'hommes.


Danced almost exclusively by men, this dance is strongly reminiscent of the 1821 era in greek history. The dancers even dress in the traditional greek military uniform that of a "tsolias" (Greek: τσολιάς). This dance is usually performed to celebrate national events (i.e. the 1821 greek revolution.)

The dance follows a strict and slow tempo with emphasis put not on the steps, but in the "attitude, style and grace" of the dancer. The dancers hold each other from the hands, bend 90 degrees upwards at the elbows. It takes a sturdy hand, especially if you are supporting the first or last person of the line (or circle) who will lean on you to perform high acrobatic leaps (Usually kicking his right leg up as he takes off followed by the left (in a scissor-like motion) hitting the latter with the back of his hand before landing).

The steps are relatively easy but have to be precise and strictly on beat. The dancer might even stomp his foot in response to a strong beat. There is some improvisation involved and many variations of the steps, depending on which area of Greece the dancers come from.

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