Catégorie: Maqtou'a Mousiqiyya

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The Maqtou'a Mousiqiyya is an instrumental composition performed by an ensemble larger than the traditional takht. In general it incorporates melodic themes and rhythmic patterns found in rural vocal and instrumental folk and dance music. Those themes are developed into new diverse musical sections, with or without repeated refrain.

Orchestration: first, in the sense of melodic distribution between a solo instrument and orchestra. Second in the sense of rhythmic counterpointal figures using heterophony at times; change of rhythm with each new melodic section; melodic complexity in the musical phrases (length, accidentals, leaps, modulation).

Contrary to the Saltanah (reaching musical ecstasy through individual virtuosity) element found in traditional instrumental forms, the Maqtou'a is expressional (ta'biriyyah).


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