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Ms Lyudmila Radkova-Traykova is a Bulgarian folk singer, performing folklore from the Balkans, who became world known as a soloist at the Filip Kutev Ensemble, and at the orchestra of Goran Bregović. She is sister of the Bulgarian folk singer Daniela Radkova.

Ludmila Radkova graduated the musical school in Kotel, Bulgaria, in 1987, and after exams is accepted to sing at the Filip Kutev Ensemble. Soon her soprano voice, filled with overtones, distinguishes her among the other singers, and she becomes soloist performer of all great songs of the ensemble. Her talent has a feel of lyricism, softness, femininity, and force, typical for the Bulgarian female singers. Her voice is unique, as Goran Bregovic says, and make his songs reflect this uniqueness, which brings them closer to people worldwide.

In 1995 she meets with Goran for the recording of the music in the movie Underground and since then she is always among the performers in his orchestra.

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