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Levéntikos (Greek: Λεβέντικος, Levéntikos; Macedonian: Пуштено, Pušteno) also called Λιτός (Litós), Kucano, Nešo, and Bufskoto Oro, is a dance of western Macedonia, mainly performed in the town of Florina, Greece.

The meter is usually described as 12 = 3+2+2+3+2 time, but in musical performance, the metric 3s may be divided into four notes (quadruplets), and because of the speed, the metric accents may sound more like 3+4+3+2. Other metric interpretations are also performed, even the same tune by the same band (but different performances), for example 16=4+2+3+4+3. The Levendikos dance performed in Petroussa is very different from the one in Florina.

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