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Karsilama (Turkish: karşılama) is a Turkish dance. It is also known in Greece under the name Antikrystos. Both words mean "face-to-face greeting".

Karsilama is a couple dance that is still danced in every corner of the once great Ottoman empire, from Persia to Serbia. In every Macedonian and Thracian village, in all the villages on the Greek mainland, and in Greek Tavernas all over the world.

Today it is a raucous, bordering on the erotic, couple dance between men and women where the dancers face one another. Hands are held in the upright position about eye level, fingers snapped to the beat of the music, hips swaying.

The tempo is 9/8, and the basic move is danced in four small steps with durations 2+2+2+3 respectively. The style and mood (bouncy, smooth, lively, etc.) vary depending on the region.

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