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Four beat rhythms, "short-short-short-long", notated as 9/8 (2+2+2+3) are known as Şchioapa along the Danube and Cadâneasca in Dobrogea. In Romania, these are less common than the other uneven rhythms. Şchioapa is known as Hodoroaga by the shepherds in south Transylvania around Sibiu and in north Muntenia, but the music has changed slightly to 5/4 (2+2+2+4). It is thought that the shepherds brought this dance from the Bărăgan plains and Dobrogea which have long been used by shepherds from a wide area of Romania for winter pasturing.

In north Bulgaria, along the Danube, and through west Bulgaria (Šopluk), dances in this rhythm are known as Dajčovo or Lile Lile.


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