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"Belo Platno" means White Linen, in Serbian.

White linen is a frequent motive in Serbian folk songs. As a symbol of purity, white linen follows a man through life: at birth, he is swaddled in it; at his baptism -- wrapped in it; at his wedding -- bound by it; as a wedding guest -- presented with it; during his life he wears it, and is finally shrouded in it.

Musical origins of Belo Platno can be found in Balkan folk music and in Byzantine church music.

The main characteristics of the music of Belo Platno are the Balkan modal style, striking female voices and the playing of authentic traditional instruments. The modal style consists of singing and playing according to modes. The musical arrangements for group performances are based on field and other sound recordings. The songs are sung in local slavic dialects.

The group Belo Platno was founded in Belgrade (Serbia) in 1997 through the engagement and effort of people brought together by their love for folk culture and joint need to preserve and bring back to life, through songs and playing.

Belo Platno represents a joining of good instrumentalists and singers that perceive traditional music as an endless source of inspiration for the discovery of personal and contemporary musical expression.


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  • Belo Platno ATOS, 2003
  • Rise Stupovi Monastery Compilation, PGP RTS, 2003
  • SRBIJA: Sounds Global 2 Compilation, RingRing & B92, 2002

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