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The Bashraf (plural Basharef) is a composed genre comprised of 4 sections (khana, plural khanat), each followed by a refrain (taslim). The name comes from Persian peshrev, which means "that which precedes", because a Bashraf is usually played as an opening composition in a suite (or Fasl in Turkish).

Throughout the composition, the Bashraf follows one rhythmic mode, such as: Dawr al kabir (28/4), Shanbar (24/4), Al-Fakhitah (20/4), Mukhammas (16/4) and darij 93/4).

Generally the 4 khanat and the taslim of a Bashraf consist of 2-3 measures (cycles). the taslim can also consist of one cycle.

The first khana and the taslim display the selected maqam in a stepwise motion. A modulation to a related maqam occurs in the second khana. In the third, the melodic range expands and reaches the higher diwan of the maqam. generally the fourth khana displays the lower diwan of the selected maqam, as a sort of relief.


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