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Азьнаш Ансамбль

The Aznach (Voice) Ensemble is a group of variable size. Its members are Chechen singers and dancers from the Pankissi valley.

Formed in 1995, the ensemble takes part in many festivals in Georgia; in 1996 it gave a concert tour in Turkey, and in 2000 it was in France and Geneva, where this music was recorded. The ensemble chose the name Aznach because of the importance of the voice in the Chechen culture, but also because of the vocal strength that is required for this music, which is intended for performance in the open air.

The ensemble's present director is Bela Chavkhelichvili, a researcher at the Institute of Linguistics (Georgian Academy of Science) and the granddaughter of the founder of the school at Duissi, the largest village in the Pankissi valley: the school has played an important part in perpetuating the dual culture (Chechen and Georgian).

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