Ani more nuse

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Ani More Nuse · Xenos
Liliana Çavolli - Ani mori nuse (1982)

Shqip Ani more nuse

Ani more nuse, ani qaf gastare
ani a don lukse, ani a don pare
As spo due lukse, as spo due pare
Vec e due burin, bace me cigare
Ani me cigare, ani me gudije
o me tesha t'zeza, veshun si zotnije
Ani more nuse, moj vetull-gjilpane,
Ani dil e shih e moj djale, moj xhane.

English Oh young bride

Oh young bride with a throat like glass,(1)
Do you want beads, do you want money?(2)
I don't want beads, I don't want money,
I want a young man(?) with a cigarette,
With a cigarette, with a cigarette-box,
And with black dress shoes, looking like a gentleman.
Oh bride with brows slender as needles,
Come see your young man, oh dear

  1. as fine or as smooth as glass
  2. gold coins such as those worn around the neck

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